Goblin Grotto



Goblin Grotto brings an expansion to Grimps: A Christmas Puzzle.

Once there was a bustling metropolis located in a beautiful snowy valley. It's building were made of the purest ice that 
would spark and glimmer in the arctic sun. On one misty night the earth shook and terrified squeaks echoed throughout 
the valley; very next morning the frosty city was no more.
Travelers who journeyed close to the valley say that during the nights they can hear distant and forlorn squeaks from 
where the city once was.
Some penguins mustered enough strength to enter the valley despite the horrible tales. 

Of all those who entered, none has ever returned.


8 New Levels | New Creatures & Obstacles | Password Save/Load System | Swappable Borders



Squeaking of the Dead Complete 
Comes with both A Christmas Puzzle and Squeaking of the Dead. The best pick if you don't have A Christmas Puzzle already installed.

Squeaking of the Dead Upgrade 
If you have A Christmas Puzzle v1.1 installed you can download this installer to upgrade it to the Squeaking of the Dead expansion. Run the installer and locate the folder for A Christmas Puzzle (by default called Grimps) and start the installation.


Game By Fredrik Brundin
Music/Sfx Mario Gryth
Playtester Reggie Schildmeijer | Prpl_Mage
Korean Translation Paul Carter

Squeaking of the Dead Complete (79mb)
Squeaking of the Dead Upgrade (17mb)
Korean Version (75mb)
Download Korean
Download on Itch.io
Itch.io link

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